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Breakwater is Now a Certified ZF Marine Control Servicer

We are trained for install on all units, diagnosing, fixing, and replacing all system components,

as well as warranty work.


Units include:


•  Cruise Command (Electronic engines and solenoid shift transmissions)

• Smart Command (A new control system using the latest CANBUS technology and an innovative Control Head for All

   Electronic Engines.)

• Options with Smart Command include:

• Steer Command, Auto Troller, JMS (EasiDock), Autopilot

• Mini Command (50’ vessels and smaller with maximum of two control stations)

• Clear Command (one mechanical throttle OR shift and one electronic throttle OR shift)

•  Micro Command (oldest styles- Mechanical throttle and mechanical shift)

Master Command Units- DISCONTINUED Contact Us for Field Service or Upgrade Options

• Propeller Shaft Brakes- For boats requiring heavy maneuvering capabilities like tugs, ferries, fishing and supply vessels

• Units can be installed in all style and size vessels. *(boat size may limit the unit options)

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